Recool HTML5 Video Converter

Recool HTML5 Video Converter 3.3

This program helps you convert video files into the HTML5 format
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Recool Software Co., LTD

Recool HTML5 Video Converter is a nice and powerful tool aimed to help you convert video files into HTML5 formats, such as MP4, OGG, and WebM. By means of this app, you can play your videos on all browsers and on any mobile devices.

The program welcomes you with a nicely designed window, which is separated into several blocks. Yet, you can set another presentation style by choosing any of the offered variants under Visual Style menu item. The center part of the interface is designed to display all the uploaded videos ready to be converted. I liked that the developer had thought about beginners too; so, at first launch, there is a simple guide with steps to be taken to start converting videos. After you load a file, you will see it listed in the middle frame. Video characteristics such as video name, dimension and duration are displayed as well.

The program provides a wide range of settings and formats to choose from. For instance, you can choose the HTML5 format that best suits your needs. You can also set the video dimensions and customize the video and audio quality parameters for the output file. In addition, this tool offers you the ability to select a player for your video. The list includes YouTube, MediaElement, LeanBack and Projekktor players.

The app comes with very few, but useful video editing features. Thus, you can trim the file and change the soundtrack. When the conversion is complete, you may check the file with the player in the browser. Although it says that you can set up an advertisement for the video, I got an error message of the incorrect file format when adding an image.

To sum up, HTML5 Video Converter is a powerful tool for converting files into the HTML5 format. Even though I tested the program having the trial version as support, the results were generally good. However, the advertisement feature should work better. Whether this option functions properly in the purchased edition, it is a matter of chance.

Robert Vince
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Review summary


  • Good conversion speed
  • No dependence on Flash Player
  • Preview option


  • Very few options for editing movies
  • Error when adding an advertisement to the video
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